Genee Powerboard

The Genee Powerboard supports real time on-screen editing. The graphic tools allow you to define background selection and input custom graphics/images.

This powerful new interactive whiteboard utilises infrared technology to give unparalleled performance in the board room, conference suite or even classroom. The Genee Powerboard using advanced IR technology recognizes pen or finger movement when you write on it to interact with your audience.

The surface is durable, cleans up easily and is coated to provide minimal glare. It allows you to annotate over any application and save your work. It is designed for distance learning and easily integrates into a complete conference network.

  • Brand new 2 point and 4 point option
  • Works with most common whiteboard software
  • Porcelain coated surface (78" and 105" only) which caters for any dry marker pen without the worry off permanently marking the surface.
  • Soft keys, which can be easily programmed for regular functions
  • 3 interactive pens (red, black and blue) and an eraser