Genee Vision 3100

Genee Vision 3100 Visualiser / Document Camera

The Genee Vision 3100, the newest addition to the Genee Vision range. Mobile, flexible and powerful. The Genee Vision 3100 is a teaching / presentation tool that enables teachers to share a much wider range of information and artefacts with their pupils or audience via their digital projectors.

The Genee Vision 3100 allows the examination of text, images, artefacts and even living things such as minibeasts in HD, therefore reducing the need for photocopying hand outs. It has 8x optical, 10x digital and 80x total zoom, HDMI and futuristic flexible neck design with a compact body.

Take a picture or record a demonstration quickly and easily using the visualisers video and image capture software or by saving it directly to a SD card using the buttons on the remote. It's range of features includes, 8x optical, 10x digital and 80 total zoom, freeze, positive/negative, split screen, title, black and white, dynamic/static and mirror.

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