Genee Vision 50

Genee Vision 50 Visualiser / Document Camera

With the Genee Vision 50, it is effortless to enlarge source materials, present 3-D objects, Record new images and record videos. The Genee Vision 50 is very user friendly and no additional power supply is needed. Simply plug into the USB port, launch the software and that is simply it.

The Genee Vision 50, provides a simple one cable, utility, erasing any confusion of cables to sort out, which can save a lot of, presentation planning time. Also with the digital, user-friendly interface, you can simply control all actions with your own computer and mouse.

Advanced Software

Genee Vision Software allows you to link your digital Visualiser to your computer for presenting, expanding and reproducing of both video and still images.

Ideal for use in a classroom setting and any other environment, where digital imagery is needed. Key features included with the advanced software, are:

  • OCR Text Recognition
  • Digital Zoom
  • Freeze Function
  • Capturing of images
  • Recording Videos and much more

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