Genee Vision 7100

Genee Vision 7100 Visualiser / Document Camera

The Genee Vision 7100 is the solution if you want to capture high quality, crystal clear images. Featuring HDMI the Genee Vision 7100 gives you the latest sensor and lens technology.

The Genee Vision 7100 is the ideal solution for the corporate environment and has been designed for use with widescreen laptops and display equipment such as LCD screens and whiteboards.

It has 12x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom and is interoperable with all Interactive Whiteboards. It allows you to create animations or record demonstrations quickly and easily using the video and image capture software and can be used for video-conferencing.

It has a range of features such as split screen, positive/negative, scroll option, light box, freeze, and internal memory. It has a removable lens to give users unlimited shooting area.

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